The Directors of West Coast Diving Ltd are committed to achieving the ‘Highest Industry Standard’ of Health & Safety Performance and recognise that effective management of Health & Safety is an essential part of all West Coast Diving Ltd business activities.

It is the policy of the West Coast Diving Ltd Management ‘that no activity or project is so important that it cannot be carried out safely and with due care and attention to the safety, health and security of its employees & prevent damage to property and the environment’.

West Coast Diving Ltd will create and sustain a company culture that supports the Integrated Management System based on the following provisions:

  • Provide and maintain healthy and safe working conditions, equipment and systems of work.
  • A Health & Safety management system, based on the requirements of the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System standard, will be implemented and maintained.
  • Realistic and measurable goals for improving Safety and Health performance will be established, monitored and communicated to employees.
  • The Company will identify hazards and minimize risks that could cause injury, ill health or significant environmental impacts. It is the duty of each employee to immediately report to their superior any hazardous condition, ill health or accident related to the workplace.
  • Set standards that meets applicable legalisation and regulation requirement, local or national statutory requirement to which the company has committed and comply with relevant industry guidance & best practice for Work Place Safety and Operations.
  • Provide sufficient human resources, appropriate training and adequate supervision to ensure that they have the tools and support to complete their tasks safely and responsibly. Senior Management and their managers will ensure that employees under their direct supervision follow safe work practices to protect themselves, their fellow workers, the general public and the environment.
  • Sets targets for improving Safety and Health at work by carrying out regular internal assessments and report annually on performance.
  • Contractors will be competent to complete the work assigned to them and will be made aware of their responsibilities related to the occupational health and safety management system.
  • The Company will provide the general public with awareness as to the risks associated with its operations.
  • Input from all levels of the organisation will be encouraged to improve the effectiveness of the Health & Safety management system and its effectiveness will be reviewed regularly.
  • Provide the highest quality of Service, Training, Integrity and Professionalism to meet, satisfy and comply with customers / clients and regulatory requirements.
  • To achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our operation on the basis of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard.
  • Keep education and training programs for the employees to stay updated and competitive with the advancement of technology, International standards and regulations; paramount to the Companies operation and service.
  • Measure and improve to continuously satisfy the expectations of our customers and clients in respect of all services offered following structured reviews, planned improvement initiatives and client / customer feedback.
  • West Coast Diving Ltd. shall communicate this Quality Policy, which shall be continuously reviewed for its suitability and the Quality Commitments throughout the Organisation so that employees at all level can understand and fulfil the commitments made in it.
  • Constantly striving to meet and exceed all customer/client expectations and requirement in services and training.
  • Our Quality Management System shall meet ISO 9001:2008 standard requirement
  • Provide sufficient and competence resources to ensure efficiency in carrying out all work, project, audit and training courses.
  • Commitment to on time delivery performance to customers / clients by providing the best service in the engineering, consultancy and training industries.
  • Ensure all operational work delivers to safe work practice, plant and equipment.
  • To develop Quality Objects, as required by ISO 9001:2008, and to communicate and promote them throughout the organisation

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